Being a volunteer at Crayons to Computers enables you to see our impact firsthand! It is YOU who helps start the chain reaction for success in school. It is YOU who helps to inspire us to do what we do. And finally, it is YOU who helps the children in our participating schools discover their passion for learning!

As part of our volunteer program, you will contribute to the successes of our Teacher Free Store, our Mobile Outreach Program and the organization of our warehouse! If you are at all interested in finding out more about our robust volunteer initiative, please click the link below that best suits you.


The power of an individual to invoke change is astonishing. The efforts of our volunteers to help organize, restock and spread our message is second to none! Click below to learn more about our individual-volunteer opportunities!


Group volunteer outings greatly contribute to the success of Crayons to Computers! You will be able to complete a tremendous amount of work when visiting as a group. Our warehouse and Teacher Free Store are where you will divide your time up! Our students and teachers greatly appreciate the continued efforts of our volunteer groups! Click below to learn more about the group-volunteer process!


Teacher volunteers know what it’s like to be in the classroom with the students we serve. Therefore, our teacher volunteers are forefront in our minds when brainstorming ways to implement new techniques for children to discover their love of learning! Click below to learn more about what teachers do here at Crayons to Computers.


What should I wear?
Please wear casual/comfortable clothing. Many volunteer activities take place in our warehouse, so be sure to wear clothing that is appropriate for bending, lifting, and moving. Please wear closed toe shoes—absolutely NO sandals or flip- flops are allowed.

Does Crayons to Computers have an inclement weather policy?
On days with inclement weather, we will announce a decision to close by 12:00PM (noon). Please look for Crayons to Computers during the school/business closings. You can also check our status by calling 513.482.3290.

What if I need to cancel?
Please call 513.482.3290 to let us know as far in advance as possible if you need to cancel.

Is there anything I need to bring with me?
If you are a first-time volunteer, please complete the volunteer form and bring it with you to Crayons to Computers.

What is the Volunteer to Shop (VTS) Program? 
Teachers from area schools that do not meet our eligibility criteria can take advantage of our Volunteer to Shop (VTS) program.

  • To be eligible for VTS, individuals must be K–12 full-time teachers or full-time student teachers in one of the 16 counties served by Crayons to Computers.
  • For every three hours of volunteer time, teachers earn a certificate for one shopping trip in our Teacher Free Store.
  • Teachers may volunteer up to 10 times throughout the school year (June–May). Only five of those volunteer sessions may be completed on a Saturday.

Volunteer for a Teacher (VFAT)
In addition to the VTS program, Crayons to Computers offers a Volunteer for a Teacher (VFAT) program. The VFAT program allows an individual to volunteer and earn a shopping certificate on behalf of a teacher.

  • An individual volunteering for a teacher may only volunteer one time per academic year for that designated teacher.
  • Individuals may volunteer multiple times for different teachers, but each teacher may receive only one shopping certificate from the VFAT program per academic year.

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