Qualify to shop

Not sure if you’re eligible to shop in our Teacher Free Store? Check the lists below!

*Please Note: The letters associated with your school are in regards to your school‘s assigned shopping weeks.

Teachers, take a look at some of our programs that can help you to further inspire your students!

Preschool program

We recognize the value and crucial importance of early childhood education. This core value led us to create a strategic plan that significantly enhances our efforts to support preschool programs for children ages 3–5 within our 16-county radius.

Our partnership with 4C for Children enables us to better reach early childhood programs and family/home-care providers committed to improving their quality ratings in both Ohio and Northern Kentucky. Thanks to this partnership, we have developed an application process for preschool programs to access our services. We encourage you to apply below to the Preschool Program if your preschool program/center meets the criteria outlined on the application.


Stefanie Clayton
School Outreach Coordinator

Mobile outreach program

Serving 12 counties both near and far means many of the neediest students seemed out of reach for our Teacher Free Store. In Fall 2014, with the help of Impact 100, we launched this program that is changing entire school communities, one visit at a time. Teachers step just outside their door to have access to the most-needed basic classroom items. 


Whitney Jacobson
Mobile Outreach Coordinator

Volunteer to shop

Teachers from area schools who do not meet our eligibility criteria are encouraged to partake in our Volunteer to Shop (VTS) program!

To be eligible for this program, it is essential that one is either a K–12 full-time teacher or a full-time student teacher in one of our 16 counties that we serve.

For every 3 hours donated to our volunteer program, teachers will receive a certificate good for 1 shopping trip in our Teacher Free Store!

PLEASE NOTE! Teachers may volunteer up to 10 times throughout the school year (June–May). However, only 5 of these dates can be on Saturdays.


Dave Hicks
Volunteer Coordinator