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Teacher Opportunities 

We Know You Have a Great Work Ethic Both in and out of the Classroom

Teachers from area schools who do not meet our eligibility criteria are encouraged to partake in our Volunteer to Shop (VTS) program!

To be eligible for this program, it is essential that one is either a K–12 full-time teacher or a full-time student teacher in one of our 16 counties that we serve.

For every 3 hours donated to our volunteer program, teachers will receive a certificate good for 1 shopping trip in our Teacher Free Store!

Please note: Teachers may volunteer up to 10 times throughout the school year (June–May). However, only 5 of these dates can be on Saturdays.


Teachers from area schools that do not meet our eligibility criteria can take advantage of our Volunteer to Shop (VTS) program.

  • To be eligible for VTS, individuals must be K–12 full-time teachers or full-time student teachers in one of the 16 counties served by Crayons to Computers.
  • For every three hours of volunteer time, teachers earn a certificate for one shopping trip in our Teacher Free Store.
  • Teachers may volunteer up to 10 times throughout the school year (June–May). Only five of those volunteer sessions may be completed on a Saturday.


At Crayons to Computers, we understand you can’t be in two places at once! That’s why we created our Volunteer for a Teacher (VFAT) program. The VFAT program allows an individual to donate some of their time as a volunteer in order to earn a shopping trip on a teacher’s behalf!

Please note: An individual volunteering for a teacher may only volunteer one time per academic year for their chosen teacher.

  • You can, however, volunteer for multiple different teachers within the academic year. Each teacher will only receive one shopping certificate from the VFAT program per academic year.


  • After you register, you will have access to our calendar and volunteer schedule.
  • You should receive an email confirmation of the date and time you are scheduled to volunteer.
  • Call 513.482.3290 with questions regarding eligibility or any registration issues.